Football is a team sport.

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Football is a team sport.

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It features 22 players Jamel Dean Jersey , 11 on offense and 11 on defense, that all have a role to play on the team. If a player does their job better than anyone else, they become a starter and thus get more playing time. But just because you are the best player at a specific position on one team does not mean you are among the best, at your position Andy Isabella Jersey , in the entire NFL. It could just mean that you were the only option left.This happens more on the offensive side of the ball than the defensive because a well-coached team can easily exploit a defense's weakest link. Since the offense controls who gets the ball, and how the game flow will go, they can hide a weak link much easier and this can leave offensive coordinator's praying for help.As we approach the upcoming 2018 NFL season, we wanted to examine those players on offense that are each team's most underperforming. Keep in mind that does not necessarily mean the least talented or the ugliest stats. It simply refers to the player that should be doing more than he is. Having the first or second pick in the NFL Draft can make or break a team. Those two teams have the upper hand over everybody else in the draft because they have the opportunity to draft the two best players available. Now when you're a first or second overall pick in any kind of draft , that team expects that player to make an immediate impact. You don't have to be the best player in the league, but they expect you to make the team better than the previous season. The hard part of that is that the NFL Draft has seven rounds and over 25o picks, so making sure the right player is selected is crucial.Organizations spend a lot of time scouting, planning Hakeem Butler Jersey , and making decisions on what player they feel best fits their roster. While some teams make the right choice with their picks, other teams wish they could have that pick back to draft over again. Choosing from a pool of over hundreds of players is not the easiest task, but it is the most important, especially when teams have the first or second overall pick.In 2007 , the Oakland Raiders drafted QB JaMarcus Russell first overall and that has been declared as one of the biggest NFL busts in history by a variety of publications. The Detroit Lions had the second pick, selecting Calvin Johnson, showing how one team could do better with the second pick depending on how the draft goes. The Raiders passed on players such as Johnson and Adrain Peterson, to name a few.These are the first two pick from each draft of the '90s. Who made the right picks to change for the better and who set their franchise back instead of forward?
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