Overview - 2Honestly the Broncos have been whiffing

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Overview - 2Honestly the Broncos have been whiffing

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A No Bull look at the current Denver Broncos roster Womens Phillip Lindsay Jersey , its strengths, weaknesses, and what we can expect to target in free agency and the draft."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Broncos NewsBroncos Free AgencyBroncos DraftBroncos PodcastsBroncos 2019 ScheduleKey Offseason DatesCommunity RulesFull ArchiveBroncos StoriesScheduleRosterStatsOdds Shop About Masthead Community Guidelines StubHub 鉁旴reaking NewsBroncos 2019 Draft Class Announced脳No Bull Broncos Roster Status Part 4: Special TeamsNew,5commentsA No Bull look at the current Denver Broncos roster, its strengths, weaknesses, and what we can expect to target in free agency and the draft.MSTShareTweetShareShareNo Bull Broncos Roster Status Part 4: Special TeamsRon Chenoy-USA TODAY SportsWith the season over and a huge change in coaching regime for the Denver Broncos John Elway Jersey White , it is a great time to step back, take a look at the roster, and play a little armchair GM before free agency. All of this is my own personal opinion based off what I’ve seen from the players on the field.Series links:Part 1: Defensive LinePart 2: LinebackersPart 3: SecondarySpecial Teams are up this week for us to look more closely and find out what holes the Broncos should be looking to fill in the 2019 NFL offseason. Player Rating Key:1 - Project / developmental - lacking necessary skills to contribute as it stands today2 - Backup quality - Can play, but isn’t a guy you want out there every snap3 - Mediocre starter - Doesn’t bring anything special to the table, but is able to do the job4 - Good starter - An above-average talent5 - Blue chip player - Top 10 talent in the NFL at what he doesUnit Rating Key:1 - Blow it up - the Broncos have nothing NFL quality to work with2 - Severely lacking at least one starter3 - Mediocre need4 - Solid talent and depth5 - Elite talent levelKickers:2018 Kicking StatsNo.PlayerAgePosGFGA20-29FGM20-29FGA30-39FGM30-39FGA40-49FGM40-49FGA50+FGM50+FGAFGMFG%XPAXPMXP%No.PlayerAgePosGFGA20-29FGM20-29FGA30-39FGM30-39FGA40-49FGM40-49FGA50+FGM50+FGAFGMFG%XPAXPMXP%profootballreference.com, www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/snapcountsBrandon McManus - 4If you want to knock McManus, talk about his percentage of made 50+ FGs.That’s the only area of concern in his game. Honestly Womens Royce Freeman Jersey , had our offense been more capable, we would have gotten a better look at how he is doing as a kicker, but the guy only got 25 attempts on the season.He’s money on extra points (not a given in today’s game) and he’s money inside 50 yards. I expect no changes at kicker as he’s one example of a guy who was doing his job at a high level all year long.2018 Punting StatsNo.PlayerAgePosGPntYdsLngBlckY/PNo.PlayerAgePosGPntYdsLngBlckY/PColby Wadman - 4The switch at punter this season had me scratching my head a bit. At the end of the day the team probably gained most in not having locker room negativity or player / coach negativity (more likely the later). Wadman did a good job at punter. Look for him to hopefully improve his game in 2019.Overview - 4I really like both the kickers we have on the team and don’t see any reason to look for something better. Both are under contract and executing their job at a high level.Returners:2018 Returner StatsNo.PlayerAgePosGGSP / RetP / YdsP / LngP / Y/RK / RtK / YdsK / LngK / Y/RtAPYdNo.PlayerAgePosGGSP / RetP / YdsP / LngP / Y/RK / RtK / YdsK / LngK / Y/RtAPYdprofootballreference.com, www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/snapcountsPhillip Lindsay - 4I’m not a fan of having a play making starting RB return kicks. He’s very good at it, but the risk is too great and the reward too little in the grand scheme of things.River Cracraft - 1Cracraft was the token depth guy they threw back there to do the job. He wasn’t particularly good at it in all honesty and the team should probably look in another direction.Devontae Booker - 3Honestly Booker did a pretty decent job in the return game. He doesn’t bring any real home-run hitting ability to the table, but he knows how to gain some yards and catch the ball. He’s the guy I expect to see as our depth returner this year and it is a role he’s well and capable of filling.Brendan Langley - 1He only got a few attempts on the season and did nothing special with any of them.DaeSean Hamilton - 2Hamilton honestly looked like our best punt returner on the year from a raw stats perspective. The numbers are a bit skewed though as he only had 3 returns on the season.in the return game dating back to when Trindon Holliday didn’t suck. It hasn’t been a big priority for the team and I’m not even sure it will be with as many needs as the team has. Finding a great returner is oftentimes a luxury pick in the draft, not something you make a plan to go after.That being said Courtland Sutton Jersey , I’d love the Broncos to keep an eye out for guys that showed the ability to return in college as it would be nice for them to have an answer in this group instead of just slinging stuff against the wall to see what sticks.Roster status overall:Defensive Line:Defensive Ends3Nose Tackles1Linebackers:Outside Linebackers3Inside Linebackers2Secondary:Cornerbacks2Safeties3Kicking:Kickers4Returners2 Broncos General Manager John Elway said that he’d talk to Broncos cornerback Chris Harris‘ camp about a possible new contract once the draft was over, but it appears he didn’t mean they’d talk immediately after it came to an end.James Palmer of NFL Media reports that there have not been any new contract talks between the two sides since the draft came to an end on Saturday.The last round of talks reportedly ended with Harris looking for something in the neighborhood of $15 million per season and the Broncos balking at putting that number on the table. If both sides remain dug in on those positions, any further talks might not prove to be productive.Palmer adds that there are still teams interested in a potential trade, which would leave the Broncos with an option to get something in return for a player who has yet to show up for the offseason program. The Broncos didn’t draft any corners, however, so parting ways with Harris now would leave them thin at a crucial position.
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