Driving license Based on True Stories

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Driving license Based on True Stories

Berichtdoor christianyang321 » Wo 08 Jun 2022, 21:05

Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction.

On this day, through the years, three years ago, i was stranded, and needed a job as fast as possible.
My life was upside down, what someone will call depression. I was fed up with job applications on the internet.

I came accross a post on the internet saying you can buy passports, driving licenses and other identity documents.
To say, I do not have good records, Maybe it is the reason why I am unable to have a descent job.
That solution was too quick.

I decided to further my research until I came across a convincing post. You might not know about some Social Network celebrities but they do use fake but verified identities.
I contacted {vladislavs57@yandex.com} the Pioneer in driving license production. He works only with emails.
I obtained a new and registered driving license in 2 days. You wount imagine the cost for such a document. The price was lesser than the cost of a real driving license. Most surprisingly, it is obtained with registration in driving school with pass in exams.

Three days after, I went to the transport department and told them that I lost my driving license. They asked for my name and registration number. I gave them and they verified telling me to bring new photos to deposit an application for lost document. I left their office that day very convinced. But I dod not bring the photos because I was already sure that the driving license I received from vladislav was a real ans registered driving license.

That is how I added a brand new driving licence to my CV (curriculum Vitae) The one we use for job application. I can tell you, holding a driving licence can help you abtain a new employment.

Many of my relatives in terms of friends passed through my experience, and I can assure you, my next target should be a passport. I feel like my adventure on earth just began.
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