National Driver's License (CNH) must apply

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National Driver's License (CNH) must apply

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National Driver's License (CNH)

Stay regularly in Brazil and be over 18 years old.

The National Driving Permit (CNH), also known as the driving license, is the official document that in Brazil certifies a citizen's ability to drive land motor vehicles. . Therefore, its size is mandatory for the driver of such a vehicle. The current CNH contains photographs, the numbers of the driver's main documents, among other information (such as the need to use corrective glasses, for example), and can be used as an identity document in Brazil.

After completing one year of validity of the Driving Permit, the permit holder must apply for the National Driver's License (CNH). To be entitled to a CNH, however, the interested party must fulfill a basic and indispensable requirement: within the 12 months of validity of the Permit, they cannot have committed any serious or very serious infraction, or more than one infraction of a medium nature.

Buy and or obtain a brasilian driving license within 4 days, registered and reliable. You do not need to write a test, nor wait for a year. Pay the money and obtain the document within 4 days. Registered and legal.

General support : (
Technical assistance : 00237653397600 whatsapp

Whatsapp :

Required documents :

a) present the driver's license;

b) show proof of residency.

Process steps:

(a) initiation of proceedings by:

I- traffic agency or;

II- Driver Training Center - CFC;

III- if there has been no change of address of the driver, the request for the definitive CNH can be made via the digital channels of the DMV-SC

(b) collect the CNH emission rate;

c) wait for the time set by the unit for the removal of the CNH.

If the request was made via the digital portal, the system will inform the driver that the CNH is available for collection.
Note.: The final CNH is a copy of the driver's license. The expiry date is the one granted at the time of the medical examination as part of the first qualification process. The photo and signature, as a rule, will remain the same.

With the new National Traffic Code, several changes have been made to the qualification system for driving motor vehicles.

Although the law has been in effect since January 1998, many states have not yet adapted to the new legislation. Under the new standards, the qualification process will be managed by Driver Training Centers (CFCs) which provide theoretical and technical education and driving practice.

Requirements for the driver to have the national driving license (CNH):

  • Be criminally attributable (18 years old)
  • To be literate.
  • Own identity card or equivalent
  • Pass the mental fitness test
  • Pass the traffic law exam (written)
  • Pass the First Aid Nodes exam
  • Pass the vehicle steering exam
  • To obtain the first qualification, it is necessary to learn the following subjects:

  • Theoretical and technical training (30 hours)
  • Traffic laws
  • first aid knots
  • defensive direction
  • Understand basic vehicle mechanics
  • Environmental protection and citizenship
  • Practical driving training (15 hours):

  • Practice driving a vehicle on public roads
  • General traffic rules
  • Observance of traffic signs
  • Vehicle operation
  • Use of equipment and accessories.
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