A Brazilian birth certificate fixes

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A Brazilian birth certificate fixes

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A Brazilian birth certificate

The Birth Certificate is the first document that contains the legal validity of a person. With it, it is possible to prove your existence, age, nationality, the name of your parents, among other important information for the Government and society. Without this title, the person is prevented from exercising their civil and social rights.

Nowadays, it is very simple to issue a second way of this document, either for the individual himself or for his relatives, since it is a public document.

You can apply in person, just go to the registry office where your birth certificate was registered.

* Companies that generate certificates through the digital environment are recognized and the document is the same as that required in person at the registrar.

The only differential is that you don't need to go to the registry office. A new order for this document can be purchased

if There are deletions from the birth certificate.
In case of loss
In case of theft
For fixes.

Have you ever thought of changing completely Identity, Being Born again and having the opportunity to exist differently? We offer a wide range of services. You can Buy a new brazilian birth certificate, Identity and passport. It is possible to even include diploma. Refer to the pioneer and most reliable producers.

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Dcuments are legally registered and authentic.

There is an exception to being entitled to the second way of the birth certificate free of charge. The applicant must sign and prove the certificate of poverty, which is done at the registry office itself. This declaration can be written manually and must guarantee that the information said is true.

We hope they have somehow answered your doubts on how to get the free birth certificate. Want more information? Contact us, we will be very happy to help you.

Birth certificate with a brief description
It is a certificate that contains the main data recorded. Among the data contained in the birth certificate are:

Full name;
Birth date;
Father's full name;
Mother's full name;
Address and place of birth.

Full content birth certificate
It is a certificate that fully contains all registration data. It has all the information from the birth certificate with a brief report, with the addition of some more information such as:

birth time;
Maternity name;
Name of birth witnesses.
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