Can I drive in Germany with my foreign driving licence

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Can I drive in Germany with my foreign driving licence

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Can I drive in Germany with my foreign driving licence?

If you have a valid foreign driving licence, you may not drive motor vehicles in the categories for which your driving licence is issued for more than six months in Germany. You must also observe conditions and restrictions on your driving licence here in Germany.
The driving licence must be carried with you when driving the motor vehicle.
For most national foreign driving licences, you also need an international driving licence or an official translation.

How long can I drive?
As long as you do not yet have a residence in Germany and are only visiting Germany, you may drive indefinitely. As soon as you register your normal place of residence (main residence) in Germany, you are allowed to drive for another six months. Your driving licence will no longer be recognised after this period. You will then need a German driving licence. The six-month driving licence cannot be extended. Please apply for the transfer of your foreign driving licence in good time.

Exception: If it is clear from the outset that you will not be resident in Germany for longer than 12 months, you can apply for an extension of your driving licence (subject to a fee) at the driving licence authority. Corresponding evidence of your stay must be presented.

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Will my foreign driving licence be recognised in Germany?

In order for your foreign driving licence from a non-EU/EEA country to be recognised and rewritten in Germany, certain requirements must be met:

You must be in possession of the original of your foreign driving licence document.
You are not allowed to drive without the original driving licence. Also the conversion into a German driving licence can only be applied for with an original of the foreign driving licence.
The foreign driving licence must be valid.
You are not allowed to drive with an invalid foreign driving licence. The driver's license must still be valid for the transfer.
It may not be a learner's licence or any other provisional driving licence.
A learning licence is not valid in Germany and cannot be rewritten.
For example, a provisional driving licence is not recognised if it is not an official driving licence document with a photograph. In addition, no examinations may be required in the issuing state for the acquisition of the final driving licence.
In individual cases, the driving licence authority decides during application processing.
The foreign driving licence must have been acquired before moving to Germany or during a stay abroad of at least 6 months.
A driver's license that was acquired abroad while the normal residence was in Germany is not recognized and cannot be rewritten.
In case of doubt, it may be necessary to submit documents about the stay abroad or to prove that the first driving licence was acquired before moving to Germany (if the current driving licence was issued later).
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